In today’s interconnected world, the competitive advantage of any business is largely determined by the degree of technology adoption, utilization and connection with the target audience. Researchers often argue that without a critical mass of local content, Arab countries cannot reap the benefits of the global information revolution.

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Rising need of Arabic content online

The size of local markets is always critical to measuring the benefits of using localized content for online communication. According to, Arabs make up about 3.1% of the world’s population and 3.3% of Internet users around the world understand and speak Arabic.
With 230 million people speaking Arabic in the Arab World, of which over 60% are under the age of 25, Internet usage in the Middle East is rapidly increasing. In fact, Internet penetration in the Middle East is increasing at the rate of 28.3%, about 3% more than the global average. We can say with certainty that there exists a large pool of local Internet users who are looking to read Arabic content online and the need of creating good quality Arabic content is increasing.
However, many of these Arabic users either do not find any good Arabic content or face a rather disconnected online experience when they are sent to an English web page through an Arabic ad or link. In turn, the local audience loses interest and gets carried away by the global competition, which is exactly why a lack of online Arabic content has led local businesses down a bottleneck.
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